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Nurturing Close Patient Relationships

Clinical Research is a core principal and function of the NHS. The Cornwall Clinical Research Group (CCRG) proudly participates in a broad range of clinical trials within primary care in phase II, III and IV. Clinical trials are supported by the National Institute of Health Research, (NIHR) which is funded by the Department of Health, designed to improve the country’s health offering quality research intended to advance current and future medicine. The CCRG value the opportunity that clinical trials give them, offering clinical trial patients quality and dedicated Dr and nurse time that is not possible in a routine NHS clinic. These patient appointments provide a close monitoring of their health condition and the opportunity to receive access to new treatments.

You may have already been approached to consider a clinical trial, or already participated in one. But if you are interested in participating in one of our current clinical trials, you can contact us via our website form, or speak to a member of your local GP’s research team.

Things to consider

Participation is purely voluntary.

You will not be judged and your relationship with your doctor or nurse will not change in any way should you decide not to participate. We value your consideration.

Your clinical trial personal records can only be accessed in the normal way by your surgery team.

Records are stored in a secure location, and you are only identified externally by the use of a unique patient number and sometimes your initials.

No patient identifiers are legally and ethically allowed to leave your practice.
All clinical trials are ethically approved, going through a rigorous ethical consideration before being initiated.

Important Facts about research

New medicine has to go through rigorous testing before it can be marketed for use. We do not offer phase I opportunities as these are the initial studies, testing the drug’s safety on people, usually involving under 100 subjects. Typically, you will be asked to participate in a phase II, III or IV clinical Trial.

The vast majority of our clinical trials are in phase III and IV. A phase III study confirms a drug’s effectiveness with a much larger patient population, and is usually compared with other treatments. Phase IV studies monitor the long term effects of a new medicine post-approval.

Participation is purely voluntary, and you will always be given clear information about the implications of joining a particular study. Plus your care and relationship with your nurse or Dr will not be changed as we value all of our patients equally.

Past research participants have felt they receive additional patient care that is of a high standard from their research team, sometimes with access to new treatments, and feel a sense pride to be helping others, even if they have received a placebo instead of the study treatment.

Are you thinking about taking part?

Being in a research study is a great experience. Within CCRG hundreds of patients have been involved in research projects over the last 25 years. When we talk to those participants there is an overwhelming feeling of positivity that comes from making a contribution to the advancement of medical treatments.

Patients who get involved tend to learn more about their condition which in turn adds to their long term well being. Participants develop a close working relationship with the doctors and nurses treating them. It is well recognised that participants in clinical trials have better long term outcomes.

If the idea of being part of a clinical trial interests you then complete our patient registration form.

CCRG have been extremely professional....

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Study - Merckle, OA, 2003-2004