Cornwall Clinical Research Group - Advancing Medicine


CCRG have been approved as a ‘PFIZER INSPIRE’ primary care partner site.

Pfizer runs the INSPIRE program (Investigator Networks, Site Partnerships and Infrastructure for Research Excellence) with the purpose of developing relationships with key investigators and investigational sites.

Some of the criteria Pfizer considers in choosing a site are:

  • previous experience and performance in the conduct of clinical trials;
  • site expertise in relevant therapeutic areas;
  • adequate infrastructure and resources or the ability to procure capability from third party service providers;
  • sharing the same commitment and ethos regarding standards for the conduct of clinical re- search;
  • track record in conducting studies in accordance with the protocol (including enrolment of pa- tients).

Being an INSPIRE Site may result in the Primary Care Site being recommended for feasibility stud- ies into a wide range of Pfizer drug treatments in future.

Christine Medhurst
Senior Site Development Lead,

Chiesi have had the pleasure in contacting the CCRG in the past for a number of clinical trial stud- ies as Pharma Sponsor and we were delighted when they were chosen for a recent Real-Life obser- vational Study. Not only did they recruit their allocated quota within time, but also stepped in to recruit further patients where other sites had struggled. This enabled us to reach our Global target and also qualify the UK for a country specific sub-group analysis, an achievement we couldn’t reach without the professional efforts conducted by the group. I certainly would recommend the CCRG for future UK studies and are a credit to the group as well as an inspiring example of how clinical trial studies should be conducted. A friendly, hard-working professional and always eager to over achieve. Our sincere thanks and gratitude goes out to each and every member of the CCRG.

Regional Medical Adviser – Chiesi UK

We came to the members of CCRG with a study for which recruitment was proving difficult within the UK. The member sites recruited good numbers of suitable patients and were very efficient to deal with”.

ICON Clinical Research

The ICTR has been working with a number of CCRG investigators on numerous clinical studies (in depression, osteoporosis and cardiology) since 2003. We have been impressed with the manage- ment of the study and the time that those sites are able to spend with the monitor. We look for- ward to working with those sites again in the future.

Dr Anke Schneiders
Director ICTR-UK